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Perfect for work retreats, team building, & other gatherings

Disc Golf Themed Group Events

Perfect for Work Retreats, Team Building, Company Outings, After-School Activities, & Summer Camps!

Disc Golf Resort now offers disc golf-based events & clinics for groups! Clinics are a great fit for employees & employers, teachers & students, and parents & kids who are looking for a fun new activity that focuses on self-improvement and keeps audiences engaged and active.

For Businesses: Want to try something new for a company retreat?

For Parents: Looking for a fun activity for your kids?

For Teachers: Need a fun & exciting activity for your students? We can even implement the STEM program into our DGASAP (Disc Golf After School Activities Program).

Disc Golf Resort is the perfect option with plenty of space, well-defined curricula, and knowledgeable instructors. Please review the group event packages below. If you don’t see something that fits your needs, send us a message with the details of your inquiry. Custom packages are available. 

Retreat/Group Clinic Options

Choose Your Package

Packages below are meant for groups of 10 – 200 people.
(Custom packages available for larger groups)

$20/person for 2 hours 
For example, 10 people for a 2 hour clinic = $200 

– 10 min – basic intro what disc golf is & goal, terms
– 20 min – basic putting techniques 
– 20 min – basic upshot techniques 
– 20 min – basic driving techniques 

Remaining time may be used for play, or to implement other add-ons included in selected clinic package. 


Disc Golf Lesson only = $20/per person (loaner discs provided)


In addition to the lesson, attendees will receive a new stock disc or multiple discs that will be provided to everyone. Everyone gets to take their new disc(s) home after the event.
(price depends on how many people and what type of manufacturer/plastic, how many discs per person)


In addition to the lesson, attendees will get 1 or more custom-stamped discs featuring a company logo, or other provided graphic.
(price depends on how many people and what type of manufacturer/plastic, how many discs per person)


In addition to the lesson & discs as described above, attendees also receive food & drinks!
We can offer simple bagged lunches for everyone that includes a sandwich, chips & drink, or we can get as creative as offering hot food, appetizers or catered packages offered by Aces BBQ. 
(price depends on how many people, menu, and level of food service)


In addition to the lesson, discs, and food & drink as described above, we can reserve a course or multiple courses for usage by your group. After the clinic, your group can play a full round on any of our open courses. It could be just for fun, a casual tournament with prizes, or even a PDGA-sanctioned round or tournament with payouts. Courses currently available to reserve include purple (pitch & putt), green, red, and gold. 
(price depends on specifics)


In addition to the lesson, discs, food & drink, and reserved course(s) as described above, receive entertainment & additional food after the round of disc golf. With this package, main meal is provided after the clinic and before the round. Once people are finished with the round, we provide additional food, drinks and entertainment. 
(price depends on specifics)

If you don’t see a package that meets your needs, please contact us to inquire about a customized clinic or disc golf outing.

Host & Instructor

Keith Lionetti

Course Pro

Keith has been immersed in disc golf for over 30 years including playing the game, running events, starting and operating businesses in the industry, conducting disc golf programs, designing & installing courses, and helping to spread the joys of the sport.

He made a choice early on in his disc golf career that he would stick with playing disc golf for fun, as opposed to competitively. Keith holds a firm belief that great competitors are not always the best teachers, and that great teachers are not always the best competitors. 

Keith has teamed up with some of the best teachers in the industry who are extremely well versed in the education field to help him develop the most versatile and effective curriculums. Combining their expertise in writing curriculums with his years of disc golf knowledge, he can offer the best tools for you to learn from. 

He has worked with a wide array of businesses and organizations for many years to forge long lasting relationships and looks forward to working with you or your group, to teach you as much or as little, as you would like to learn about the sport of disc golf.

Past Clients

30+ Years Playing Disc Golf
10+ Years teaching disc golf

Organizations and groups with whom Keith has worked, taught lessons, or implemented disc golf clinics and programs:

* City of Seattle

* King County

* Snohomish County

* Whatcom County 

* Skagit County

* Seattle School District 

* Renton School District

* TAF organization

* YMCA (Seatac, Stanwood, West Seattle)

* Evergreen High School

* Cascade Middle School

* Asa Mercer Middle School

* City of Seatac

* Port of Seattle

* Everett Community College

* Vulcan

* Dutch Bros coffee 

* Premiere

* Adobe

* EMP & Paul Allen Group 

* Amazon 

* King County Fire Department 

* Snohomish County Sheriff Department

Keith has also conducted around 200 one-on-one lessons in addition to the groups listed above.


  • Enjoy time outdoors
  • Have fun learning together
  • Plenty of dedicated space including courses of varying sizes and a driving range
  • Great for all ages & skill levels

Contact us today to book your group event. 


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