Kayak Point Presents

The Boondock


Disc Golf Tournament

St. Patty's Day
Thursday, March 17, 2022

PDGA-sanctioned, C-Tier, Singles Tournament

Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort is excited to announce the “The Boondock Shanks” a 1-day, 1 round tournament that will take place on St. Patty’s Day, Thursday March 17, 2022. In addition to celebrating St Patty’s Day, this tournament is also a fundraiser for our blue course which we are hard at work to open soon.

Registration opens Wednesday, February 2nd at 6pm.
Players must pre-register and prepay through discgolfscene.com.

Players will compete for the best score in their division on either the Gold Course or the Green Course (Red/Green layout, red course with 9 shortened tees) depending on their division. The Gold course will be played by all Pro Divisions, MA1, FA1 and MA40. The Green course (Red/Green layout on the red course) will be played by all other amateur divisions (MA2, MA3, MA4, MA50, MA60, FA2, FA3, FA4, FA40, FA50, FA60, MJ15, FJ15)

Tee times are available from 9am – 1pm and cards may include a mix of divisions though some divisions will be on the Gold Course and some divisions will be on the Green Course.

The event is sanctioned by the PDGA as a C-Tier so rounds will be rated. Entry fee includes a discounted day pass, CTP buy-in, ace pot buy-in, payouts in the form of scrip to the Kayak Point DGR Pro Shop for Ams and cash via PayPal for Pros, and fundraising for the blue course.

Entry Fee Breakdown:
AMS & PROS: $40/player
$6 day pass (discounted)
$20 to payouts
$10 to Blue Course fundraiser
$2 to CTP’s
$2 to Ace pot

Player’s must check-in inside the Pro Shop 10-minutes prior to their tee time.

If Ace pot is not hit, it will roll over to our next PDGA sanctioned tournament in our 2022 lineup (Weekend at Bennie’s is scheduled next in April).

Scoring for both rounds will be handled using the PDGA Live Scoring website at https://www.pdga.com/score/. The access code will be provided at check-in.

Golf carts will not be available to players during tournament rounds, though they will be available for rent after the tournament round.

Annual Pass holders receive early bird registration opportunities for all DGR tournaments.

A little about the Blues: The Blue course will be the harder of the two wooded courses at Kayak Point and features tight lines through towering trees with a lot of elevation change. It will offer a great contrast to our existing courses and we can’t wait to get everyone out there to play it! 

Join the Facebook event for updates and teasers!

Thanks for your support and we look forward to celebrating St. Patty’s Day with you!


“I understand that participation in this event carries with it risk of injury or death and I, on behalf of myself, my heirs, administrators, executors, and assigns expressly release, forever discharge, and hold harmless The Boondock Shanks, the Tournament Director, Disc Golf Resort, and the PDGA (the “Releasees”) for all personal injury, loss, damage to property, or death in connection with my participation in this event. Further, I understand and acknowledge that there currently exists a global pandemic associated with the disease COVID-19, that I am participating in this event at my own risk, that any safety precautions designed to protect against the spread of COVID-19 undertaken by the Releasees does not guarantee I will not contract COVID-19, and that, the foregoing notwithstanding, it is my specific intent to affirm my foregoing release of the Releasees with respect to any personal injury, loss, damage to property, or death I may experience from COVID-19 in connection with my participation in this event.”

By the Numbers

# of Players
# of Divisions
Value of CTP's
Raised for Blue Course


The Event

1)  Review all the event details so you can decide if it’s a good fit for you.

2)  Follow the event on discgolfscene.com and set a reminder for when registration opens.

3)  Join the Facebook Event for updates and teasers.

Results & Payouts

Congrats to the winners!

Results will be posted at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/56710

Following the event, player payout info will be shared below, shared through our Facebook page, and will be posted on the Events Bulletin Board in the Kayak Point clubhouse. Pros receive cash via PayPal. Ams receive scrip via gift cards in the Kayak Point Pro Shop.


1 – $50 Kirby Synder

2 – $30 Noah Phillips


T1 – $20 Tim Donahue

T1 – $20 Jamie Coble


1- $20 Eddie Wren Jr.


1- $48 Tad Deshler

2 – $12 Eric Edgerton


1 – $86 Zachery Laycock

2 – $66 Quinn Edgerton

3 – $56 Nathan Brock

4 – $47 Jarod Paul

5 – $40 Patrick Taylor

T6 – $27 Robert Orlick

T6 – $27 Jesse Krause

T6 – $27 Eddie Hill

T6 – $27 Daniel Erkkinen

10 – $19 Tristan Kellar

T11 – $9 Jayson Gregory

T11 – $9 Captain Clark


1 – $40 Corey Gerberdolan


1 – $20 Rob Duffy


1 – $20 Shayna Schuermann


1- $54 Scot Ranney

2 – $39 Jeff Rich

3 – $27 Matthew Hubbard


1 – $57 Douglas Hamar

T2 – $31.50 Paul Kauf

T2 – $31.50 Brian Anderson

4 – $20 Jeffrey Arnold


1 – $20 A.J. Guthrie


1 – $87 Steven Verver

2 – $70 Brent Dubendorff

T3 – $53 Anthony Brocato

T3 – $53 Jacob Baker

T3 – $53 Drew Oetgen

6 – $40 Nicholas Budinger

T7 – $28.60 Steve Kent

T7 – $28.60 Bryan Heald

T7 – $28.60 David Suyat

T7 – $28.60 John Crawford

T7 – $28.60 Daniel Evoy

T12 – $12.20 Krieg Schultz

T12 – $12.20 Matthew Mulkins

T12 – $12.20 Alan Lin

T12 – $12.20 Eric Sherman

T12 – $12.20 Derek Gibbon


T1 – $77 Adam Desimone

T1 – $77 Maurice Morrison

T3 – $55 Zack Johns

T3 – $55 Jeffrey Hamm

T5 – $41 Ryan Kristoffersen

T5 – $41 Jonathan Suyat

T7 – $26.80 Jay Doran

T7 – $26.80 Brady Shope

T7 – $26.80 Chance Clapper

T7 – $26.80 Mark Watson

T7 – $26.80 Kevin Kennedy

T12 – $20 Dillon Green

T12 – $20 Elliot Guthrie

T12 – $20 Chris Packard


1 – $50 Anna Marie McGuire

2 – $30 Hannah Kellar


T1 – $52.50 John Bradley

T1 – $52.50 Sean MacGugan

3 – $33 Mark Hansen

4 – $24 Kenneth Caruso

5 – $18 Eric Miller


1 – $20 Valerie Schorr

CTP's Winners
(closest to pin)

MPO + MP40 (Gold 5) = Travis Britt

MP50 + MP60 (Gold 16) = Eddie Wren

MA1 (Gold 5) = Nathan Brock

MA40 + FA1 (Gold 16) = Corey Gerberdolan

MA50 + MA60 (Green 12) = Jeff Rich

MA2 (Green 16) = Nick Budinger

MA3 (Red 15) = Brady Shope

FA40 + FA3 + FA4 (Red 13) = Jenn Erickson

MA4 + MJ15 (Red 17) = Mike Ensor 


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Disc Golf Resort

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