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Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort

We have laid out four 18-hole courses on this amazing 300+ acre property. We also have an 18 hole free-to-play pitch & putt course. As of the beginning of June 2020, two of the 18-hole courses have been installed (Red and Gold), plus the 18-hole pitch & putt course.

We are continuing our expansion efforts but need your help to complete the dream. Our Indiegogo Fundraising Campaign expired but we’re continuing it offline to help us reach our goal. See the details below.

What is this place?

This disc golf resort will be both a destination and a community resource. Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort is located in a Snohomish county park. As such, we will be operating under a vendor agreement in a pro shop/retail space that will cater to disc golfers, neighbors, and campers (from the nearby campground) alike. We also will serve food and beverages. The retail space, as well as the FREE 18 hole pitch-and-putt course, will be open to all during business hours.

Our goal is to bring more folks to the game of disc golf, by offering putter rentals or loaners at the shop and lessons to those who are curious. The full sized 18-hole courses will be pay-to-play, ($12 for day pass), of various skill and challenge levels, and professionally maintained as well as constantly updated (multiple tees/pin placements).

The ability to rent the facilities for events such as weddings, corporate retreats, and of course tournaments will offer a new and exciting location for local groups and folks from all over the Puget Sound area and beyond.

Our Fundraising Goal

Disc Golf Resort, LLC has already invested $50,000+ in this venture. What we are looking for is an additional $50,000 from the disc golf community and community at large.

We need the additional funds to make certain we can have the 90 total baskets needed to complete this facility. We also need to pay for an environmental impact study for the property to assure we can install the final 2 courses the way we envision them. With funds above and beyond that, we hope to obtain a small fleet of golf carts to rent at the property, (think 5-10 carts), as well as fund the revamping of the existing restaurant/taproom on the property in hopes of reopening it for full year round service.

Donation Packs & Perks

Choose one of the Support Packs below to receive the perks listed including day passes, season passes, branded attire, and tee sponsorship opportunities. Every dollar makes a difference and goes directly to expanding our offerings! Support Packs will be available for pick up at Disc Golf Resort at Kayak Point during normal business hours under the name provided during checkout. If you have any questions, send us an email. Thanks for your support!

Support Pack 1

Ten 1-day passes to Disc Golf Resort.


Support Pack 2

Winter Season Pass to Disc Golf Resort (Nov 1 – Feb 28). Price reduced in December from $150.


Support Pack 3

Lifetime Tee Sponsorship at Disc Golf Resort.


Support Pack 4

One Year Pass to Disc Golf Resort.


Other Ways You Can Help

Help Us Grow Our Fleet of Golf Carts

Rental golf carts are available to players for use on the courses at Kayak Point, however unlike most golf courses, our fleet of carts are all player-owned and are rented under the terms of an agreement between DGR and cart owners. DGR has a direct line on good used golf carts for sale and becoming a cart owner is a great way to support and invest in the resort. When carts are rented by players, a majority percentage of the cart rental fee goes to the cart owner, the rest goes to DGR to pay for maintenance and basic upkeep. Cart owners are then paid their dividends at the beginning of every month. Also, as a cart owner you can reserve your cart which is something not available to anyone except cart owners. If you’d like to learn more, send us an email or give us a call today!

More Ways…

If you can’t contribute financially, consider joining us for a work party on the property. We’ve already had dozens of individuals show up and lend a hand, from disc golfers excited for a new venue, to neighbors looking to help reopen what they know is a gem of a park located only an hour from Seattle. Sweat equity is real! We are happy to offer future day passes to anyone who comes out to join us in getting this place open!

ways to support

Play disc golf

Yup, it’s that easy! Every round you play on a Disc Golf Resort course supports our efforts to provide a memorable disc golf experience for others. Even better, bring along family and friends to introduce them to the sport!

Spread the word

It’s never been easier to share with others, so tell them about Disc Golf Resort! Tell your disc golf buddies when you see them in person and share our Facebook page and posts. Together, we can make this last!

Work parties

Join our team of volunteers to help with course maintenance and other improvements. Volunteer hours can even go towards covering greens fees at Kayak Point. Follow us on Facebook for info about scheduled events.

Make a donation

Our goals are lofty, but you gotta dream big! Support our efforts to bring a level of standardization to the game that currently doesn’t exist, and help take our sport to the next level.

Check out the Courses at the Disc Golf Resort!