2021 Kayak Point Winter League

PDGA-sanctioned, XC-Tier, Singles Tournament

Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort ran a Winter League every Sunday from January 3 – February 28 (adjusted to March 7), 2021. Weekly payouts, and larger payouts for semi-finals and finals (Ams scrip / Pros cash). Weekly CTP prizes and added points for those who participate in every event.

Players must register for each event prior to event day through Discgolfscene.com. Course schedule and payout details can be found below.

Check out the results at PDGA.com.

Join the Facebook Events for weekly updates at https://www.facebook.com/discgolfresort/events/

Entry Fee Breakdown:
PROS: $30/per Sunday =
$5 course (day pass)
$2 Ace pot
$3 semi-final/final payout
$20 cash payout

AMS: $20/per Sunday
$5 course (day pass)
$2 Ace pot
$3 semi-final/final payout
$10 scrip payout

$10 non PDGA fee waived

ALL league players can play rounds after league as part of your reduced $5 day pass.

Scoring will be handled using the PDGA Live Scoring feature at https://www.pdga.com/score/ and the access code will be provided at check-in.

If Ace pot does not get hit, it will carry over to the next week. If it does not get hit throughout the duration of league, it will remain in tact until the next league.

As per PDGA rules drinking alcohol is ok during league (PDGA leagues are the only sanctioned rounds that allow drinking). Must be of legal drinking age and adhere to WA state laws and KPDGR rules. Plus, weekly beer specials!

Golf carts will not be allowed for league participants (sorry, we do not have enough for everyone and we want to keep the entry costs low).

Payouts will happen following each event via PayPal for Pros and scrip for Ams will be loaded onto gift cards which will be available in the Pro Shop. After each event, a link to view the payouts will replace the registration link below. Payouts will also be posted in each week’s Facebook event.


Players competed on the Red Course, the Red/Green Course (9 of the longest red course holes have been shortened to be under 350′), and the Gold Course.

January 3rd – RED Courseweek 1 payouts

January 10th – RED/GREENweek 2 payouts

January 17th – REDweek 3 payouts

January 24th – RED/GREENweek 4 payouts

January 31st – GOLD (SEMI FINALS)week 5 payouts

February 7th – REDweek 6 payouts

February 14th – (canceled due to snow, events pushed back)

February 21st – RED/GREENweek 7 payouts

February 28th – REDweek 8 payouts

March 7th – GOLD (FINALS)week 9 payouts


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