Kayak Kickoff Scrip

If you finished in the top 40% in your division,

The following players have scrip cards available to pick up in the Pro Shop from the Kayak Kickoff Tournament based on final results. Values range depending where you placed in your division but the minimum amount is $10 and the highest amount is $46. Scrip cards can be used on anything in the Pro Shop including discs, gear, day passes, cart rentals, etc.

T-6th: Lane White
T-6th: Chris Shank
T-6th: Tyler Rohm
T-11th: Joshua Braun
13th: Philip Raschkow
14th: Landon Cross
T-15th: Kevin Craig
T-15th: Isaiah Jones
T-18th: Adam Piercy
T-18th: Nathan Crutchfield
T-23rd: Chase Pruitt
T-23rd: Brent Lokusa

T-2nd: Matt B.
T-6th: Travis Blodgett
T-6th: Gorgie Zarazoga
11th: Michael Warriner
T-13th: Tyler B.
T-16th: Jonathan Gates
T-16th: Chris Planck
T-19th: Cameron Cooke
T-21st: Chris Rurik
T-21st: Dave Pierce
T-21st: John Stratton
T-21st: Josh Aaron

T-6th: Jeff Brady
T-6th: David Matsueda
T-6th: Macklin Hamilton
T-6th: Chris Kosednar
T-10th: Aaron Young
T-10th: Zach Johns
13th – Mikkel Hong
T-14th: Blake Fetzer
T-14th: Evan Wolf
16th: Nathan Freeman

T-6th: Jayme Coble
T-6th: Jared McGlinchey
T-8th: Dennis Quatsoe

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