Disc Golf Resort Partners

Disc Golf Resort is proud to partner with the following organizations:

Snohomish County Parks

Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort is located within a Snohomish County Park. As such, we will be operating under a contractual agreement that will cater to disc golfers, neighbors, and campers (from the nearby campground) from near and far alike. Thanks to the Snohomish County Parks for offering this amazing opportunity.

Visit the Snohomish County Parks website.

DGA – Disc Golf Association

Disc Golf Resort is proud to have forged a business partnership with DGA for a mutually beneficial business relationship. When visiting any Disc Golf Resort location feel confident in knowing you will be playing on DGA baskets exclusively. Kayak Point Disc Golf Resort will be hosting Mach 7 model DGA baskets throughout all five 18 hole courses. We feel this consistency will help in the standardization practice across the board. We are happy that DGA is on board with our vision,and looking forward to a long healthy business relationship. Please feel free to support them and their product line.

Visit the DGA website.


Chainbangers is the force behind the Disc Golf Resort concept and company, and they also support the Pro Shop. Since 2009 when they started as disc retailer, they have evolved into a logo & a brand name you can trust.
Whether its from events and community based non-profits we have teamed up with, or our custom designs, apparel, bags and course components. With a rich history of community as well as a sustainable business model, we have grown into a lifestyle choice. We look forward to sharing our disc golf passion with you, growing and evolving with you.”

Visit the Chainbangers website.

Discovering Open Spaces

Discovering Open Spaces is a 501(c)(3) federally recognized non-profit organization. Their mission statement: Primarily to communicate the importance of recreation and education through the fundamental teachings of disc golf. Secondarily to host events,and bring awareness to disc golf. As well as work with private/public business to design and install new, as well as help maintain existing, disc golf courses. Some of their efforts can only be achieved with significant funding and all donations are tax deductible.

Visit the Discovering Open Spaces website.

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